WSU Fly Fishing Classes Registration is OPEN

The Flatland Fly Fishers are doing our classes again through WSU’s community education program starting in February. These were started by Rick Brown, who we unfortunately lost last year. Ryan Allred was able to get his presentations and will be doing the 101 introduction to fly fishing and 102 casting classes. Not doing the fly tying this time, but if we get enough interest will look into that down the road. Ryan has made a good deal of changes to the 101 class, based on his experience fly fishing. Focus will be on trout fishing, but going to try covering some warm water too. The casting class will help you learn the roll cast and basic overhand cast, so you can get out on the water and start fly fishing.

Here is a link to our page with more information and how to sign up. Each class is $74 and will be 6 weeks long, 2 hours one night a week.

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