Our mission is to promote and further Fly Fishing through Education, Conservation and Fellowship


Flatland Fly Fisher’s meet the first Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm at the Great Plains Nature Center, located at 6232 E. 29th Street North 67220


Monthly Meeting and Newsletter

Dec Meeting (12/7)

The Flatland Fly Fishers December meeting is Thursday 7th and will be at the Great Plains Nature Center starting at 7 PM. This is our […]

March Newsletter

Here is the Flatland Fly Fishers March Newsletter. This looks to be the last newsletter the club is going to put together. We have an […]

Upcoming Activities

WSU Fall Fly Fishing Classes

The Fall Fly Fishing classes at WSU are open for registration. These classes start in October and are six weeks long. There are three different classes that are offered. There is a basics class which is a lecture based class that covers the things you need to know to get started and provides information to help you on the water. […]

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IF4 Film Tour March 4th 2023

The Flatland Fly Fishers are hosting the IF4 Film Tour again this year. It is going to be the evening of March 4th at Hope Church on south Hillside. Check out our the IF4 page on our website for all the details. Click Here For More Info

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WSU 2023 Fly Fishing Class Available

Registration is now open for the WSU Fly Fishing Classes. There are three different classes available. Fly Fishing: The Basics – This is an introductory to fly fishing class. It is a lecture class that covers all the basics with fly fishing. We talk about the gear used to fly fishing, reading water and even get into the entomology. Fly […]

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IF4 Film Festival Feb. 19

We are hosting, I believe the first showing of the IF4 Film Festival in Wichita. It will be Feb. 19th and tickets are only $10. Check out our webpage for more detail and how to purchase tickets. IF4 Film Festival

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WSU Fly Fishing Classes Registration is OPEN

The Flatland Fly Fishers are doing our classes again through WSU’s community education program starting in February. These were started by Rick Brown, who we unfortunately lost last year. Ryan Allred was able to get his presentations and will be doing the 101 introduction to fly fishing and 102 casting classes. Not doing the fly tying this time, but if […]

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WSU Classes Feb 2022

The Flatland Fly Fishers will be doing a couple of Fly Fishing classes through WSU’s community education program in February. It will be a new instructor this year since we lost Rick Brown to cancer in 2021. Ryan Allred is going to take over these classes to continue the work Rick started. He is taking the foundation Rick built and […]

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Club Still Active? YES!!

This is a question we have been getting some lately. Yes we are still active and even with the past year been doing anything we can to provide opportunities to meet or do things as a club. Of course there was a period of time where that wasn’t happening in person, so we found tools and learned to do things […]

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New Years Day Single Fly 2021

We are still planning on doing our annual single fly January 1st, 2021. We are going to do it differently this year. No breakfast like normal. We will have coffee, hot chocolate and maybe donuts. We are still meeting at Plum Shelter in Sedgwick County Park. Schedule 9:00 AM Buidling Opens 10:00 AM Fishing Starts 2:00 PM Fishing Ends This […]

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WSU Fly Fishing Classes Spring 2021

There are multiple fly fishing classes offered at WSU instructed by a member of the Flatland Fly Fishers. 101 class is a general fly fishing introductory class 102 is an introductory fly casting class 103 is an introductory fly tying class For more information please visit our WSU Fly Fishing Classes page. The classes start in February 2021, registration for […]

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