Fly Tying

Want to learn more about fly tying.  There are a few places in town that have times for tying.

Ark River Anglers

Check their site for information on dates and times they might be doing a class.  They have been doing an open tying on Wednesday nights at 5 pm.

Great Plains Nature Center (Open Tying)

This is an opening tying night at the Great Plains Nature Center.  This is not a tying class.  This is just a time for people to get together, tie flies and talk about fishing.  If you are new to fly tying and want to come, there will be someone there that would be happy to help work with you.  This is a great opportunity for beginners who feel they might not be able to keep up with other people in a fly tying class.  You can tie at your own pace and there will be people available to answer questions and help when you need it.  This is open to anyone who wants to attend.

When: Second Thursday each month (Sept – April) from 6:30 pm – 9 pm.  We do not do it over the summer because of low turn out.  (Watch our calendar and Facebook for updates.  You can also always just send us an email asking if we are having it.)

Where: Great Plains Nature Center