Roaring River Trip 2022

Roaring River State Park

Opening of the catch and release season

The club goes down to Roaring River State Park the first weekend of catch and release season.  Each year the river is closed for a few weeks for maintenance. After the work is done on the river it opens back up the second weekend of November for the winter catch and release season.  Fishing is only allowed Friday through Monday during catch and release season.  The hours are from 8 AM to 4 PM.  All of the facilities in the park are closed during this time of the year.

We normally get a block of rooms set aside for the club at a local hotel with a discount on the room rates for the club. The way this club trip works is that you find someone to go with you down to the river.  You and your fishing partner would share the driving and room expenses.  Could be four guys in one car and two rooms.  The club normally gets together for some of the evening meals at local restaurants. The city of Cassville has a number of good places to eat; as well as a grocery store. There is also a Wal-mart in town.

During the catch and release season you just need a Missouri fishing license and trout stamps.  They don’t use the daily trout tags during this season.  There is a local fly shop. Tim’s Fly Shop that is open with winter hours, 10 AM to 1 PM.  Tim does not sell fishing licenses.

You will need a Missouri Fishing License with a Trout Stamp.  On your list of gear to bring with you would be all the standard gear you would take on any fly fishing trip.  Bringing your tying stuff is always a good idea. Don’t forget your waders, as there is a section of the river that you can wade in.