Bill White Fly Tying Competition

The Flatland Fly Fishers have been doing an annual Bill White Fly Tying Competition since 2015. The term competition is used lightly in this case. It is a fun tying competition that anyone in the club can submit a fly pattern for and the winner will be determined by club members votes. The fly pattern image above was drawn by Bill White. He was a long time club member who was a teacher and enjoyed teaching fly fishing and tying.

  • This event is open to all current club members
  • Each club member may enter only one fly
  • To enter, submit your fly to DJ Wells in a small container along with your name at any Flatland Fly Fishers club meeting or event starting in October
    • All flies must be submitted by 7:05 pm at the December monthly club meeting
  • The submitted flies will be on display starting at the October club meeting
  • The winner will be determined by popular vote by club members at the December club meeting