Rick Brown Memorial Bluegill Fest

The Flatland Fly Fishers are hosting their annual Bluegill Fest for active club members on June 11th, 2022.  It has been renamed this year to the Rick Brown Memorial Bluegill fest in honor of Rick.  He enjoyed fishing for bluegill and had been the point person on this event for a very long time.

We are changing the location this year.  It will be at Sunflower and Blackbird pond at The Cowskin Creek Water Quality Reclamation Facility.

4182 N 135th St West
Maize, KS 67101

This location is strictly fishing from the bank, no watercraft is allowed on these ponds.  They are great bluegill ponds and if you are doing the Kansas Fly Fishing Challenge one of the locations that does have the Orangespotted sunfish.  So if you haven’t been able to check that one off your list, might want to look closely at what you catch.  There are also white and a few black crappie, largemouth bass and channel catfish.

For the people new to fly fishing this will be a good opportunity to ask other members for help.  It is very open around these ponds so casting is pretty easy.  The only thing you have to deal with is stuff growing around the banks for the most part.

A 3 to 5 wt rod is adequate for these ponds and the fish you will be catching.  If you focus on bluegill the lighter rod is fun, but will put a good bend in it if you happen to hook into one of the channel catfish.

We will start fishing around 7 AM and then the club will provide lunch around none.  You will need to provide your own drink and bring a chair so you can sit down and enjoy the lunch.