Bluegill Fest

The Flatland Fly Fishers are hosting their annual Bluegill Fest for active club members on June 20th, 2020.  We are fishing a private lake located at 6711 West 53rd North, Wichita, KS.  The lake is east of Ridge Road on the south side of 53rd.  Look for the Flatland Fly Fishers Club Banner.  The lake has plenty of bluegill, sunfish and bass.  Bring your kick boat, float tube, kayak, canoe or small boat with trolling motor.  However, no gasoline engines are allowed on the lake.  Those who do not have a watercraft can fish from the bank.  The lake does have a lot of cattails around it, so bank fishing is limited and there can be very little if water levels are up because of recent rain.

This lake water can be clear so come prepared to fish at multiple depths. A 3 to 5 wt rod is adequate for this lake for most of the fish you will catch. There is an opportunity to catch a nice channel or bass.

The fishing will be from around 7 am till early afternoon.  We are not doing any club lunch this year, so you will want to bring any food, snacks and drinks that you might need.

The owner feels the lake is currently over populated.  So you can keep some fish if you want to.