Trout Stocking Program

This page is for general reference for trout fishing in Kansas.  Please make sure to visit Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism page for up to date information on rules and regulations.

Kansas trout season runs Dec. 1 – March 15. Click here for the stocking report.

License and Permits: Kansas fishing license and trout permit is valid for a year from date of purchase.

Fishing License is required for all residents 16 through 64 years old and non-residents 16 and older.

Trout permit ($14.50) is required for some waters stocked with trout whether fishing for trout or not, and others require a trout permit only for anglers fishing for trout. Please refer Kansas Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism location page for details.

All adult daily creel limit is 5 trout.


  • Youth age 15 or younger must only possess a Youth Trout Permit ($7)
  • Trout fishing at Mined Land Wildlife Area Unit #30 (Cherokee County) requires a trout permit year-round.
  • After March 15 there still may be some trout in the ponds and lakes around the state. You may trout fish these waters without a trout permit, but the limit of 5 trout a day and 15 in possession is still active. This does not include the waters that are stocked Year-Round.

Some local governments in areas such as Topeka and Kansas City have their own trout stocking programs. Many of these require a fee, but the state permit is not required. Local city and county recreation departments should have details.

Source: Kansas Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism