WSU Classes Feb 2022

The Flatland Fly Fishers will be doing a couple of Fly Fishing classes through WSU’s community education program in February. It will be a new instructor this year since we lost Rick Brown to cancer in 2021. Ryan Allred is going to take over these classes to continue the work Rick started. He is taking the foundation Rick built and making some modifications to fit his background and knowledge of fly fishing. He has been fly fishing for almost 30 years. He will be doing the Fly Fishing 101: Intro to Fly Fishing and the Fly Fishing 102: Fly Casting courses. Still working with WSU on the exact dates and registration isn’t officially open yet. Looking to start the first or second week of February with the 101 being Monday nights and the 102 being Tuesday nights. There will be a break the week of March 15th because he has kids that will be on spring break. Then finish up the classes after that.

More details on what the classes cover.
WSU Fly Fishing Classes

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