Oct Meeting

For the Flatland Fly Fishers October meeting we are going to have Jessica Balu give us a presentation.  Some of the club members meet her at the Mini Makers Fair.  She is a very talented artist that had some amazing pictures of insects that we tie flies to match while fishing, like caddis and mayflies.  Just talking with her at that show, you could sense her passion in aquatic insects.  It will be a very interesting presentation.

Here is more information about Jessica.

I am a Wichita artist with a background in the natural sciences. My work is largely inspired by local subjects from nature including insects, plants, fossils, and rock formations. My fascination with aquatic organisms began when I was working at the Sedgwick County Zoo. Caring for the ponds and water gardens there gave me a glimpse of the fascinating complexity of aquatic ecosystems. Studying limnology, freshwater invertebrates, and entomology at WSU further deepened my interest in the subject. I now provide classes, exhibits, and programs that fuse science and art as a form of nature interpretation.

The illustrations I’ll be sharing at the Flatland Fly Fishers meeting on October 4thare a mix of watercolor and graphite sketches. They depict a variety of aquatic organisms, including both larval and adult forms of insects I’ve observed in the Arkansas River and other nearby bodies of water. I will also be bringing some preserved specimens for anyone who is interested in viewing them after the presentation. The lecture includes images and information about insect orders commonly found in and around aquatic environments.