April Meeting (4/7)

Our April meeting is this Thursday at 7 pm at the Great Plains Nature Center.  This month Darrell will be doing a presentation on his trip over to Missouri to fish the blue ribbon trout slam.  He is going to talk about some of the places he went, what is involved in trying to do the blue ribbon trout slam.  This isn’t easy to do but will lead you to some unique places.

What is the Blue Ribbon Trout Slam:

Missouri’s Blue Ribbon Trout Areas provide excellent trout habitat that supports naturally reproducing trout. These trout are wary of predators and provide anglers with a challenging and authentic experience.

MDC and Trout Unlimited invite you to go out and test your skills against these trout in the riffles and pools of Missouri’s nine Blue Ribbon trout streams.

The Missouri Blue Ribbon Trout Slam honors anglers who can catch a trout in at least 5 of these 9 streams. Catch a trout in more than 5 Blue Ribbon streams and your level of achievement goes up. Participants who choose to, can have their successes listed on the MDC website.

Here’s How the Trout Slam Works:
Missouri’s Blue Ribbon Trout Slam has been divided into three levels of accomplishment.

Catch a trout from 5 of the 9 Blue Ribbon Trout Areas.
Award – certificate and bronze pin.

Catch a trout from 7 of the 9 Blue Ribbon Trout Areas.
Award – certificate and silver pin.

Catch a trout from all 9 Blue Ribbon Trout Areas.
Award – certificate, gold pin, and medallion.

Trout of any size caught after January 1, 2020 will qualify for a Blue Ribbon Trout Slam, but trout under 18 inches must be released.