April Meeting

For the April meeting we have a club member who has had articles published in multiple fly fishing magazines doing a presentation for us.

If you like to write and want to know what it takes to be published with state and national magazines, Rick will walk you through the steps. In addition to finding a publisher for your stories, he will show you how to use either assisted-publishing or self-publishing to print your own books and manuals.

About Rick:
Rick McNary is VP of Private and Public Partnerships and VP of Communications for The Outreach Program, an international nonprofit based in Iowa.
He is the author of:
Hunger Bites: Bite Size Stories of Inspiration
Voices on the Prairie
The Cows of Hobson’s Pond – Mostly True Stories of Growing Up Kansas.
Rick is also a free-lance writer and regular contributor to these magazines:
Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Kansas Living Magazine
Eastern Fly Fishing
Southwest Fly Fishing American Angler